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Website design and management

Need a personal website? Or maybe you are a freelancer or small-business owner? No matter your situation, you need a customised website to suit your needs!


Our first meeting will ensure I understand your expectations and goals, and together we will create a detailed plan and project to address your specific requirements.


When we meet for a second time, I will have a first mock-up of your site ready that we can discuss together to ensure it meets your expectations. Your site will be designed for all platforms: smartphones, tablets, and computer screens.


For our last meeting I will deliver your website to you, an important step that includes training you how to use it.


And I am available at any time during the project, via email, WhatsApp or telephone, in case any changes are required.


Finally, I offer a package to keep your site up-to-date (adding photos or texts, updating menu designs, etc.)

Personne en train de travailler avec son ordinateur portable et son téléphone
mise à jour
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Website redesign for your existing site

Maybe you already have a website, but it needs a new look…


Redesigning your site means changing its visual appearance and adding certain functions and features for an undeniable added value!


I offer a full or partial redesign of your site. I will be able to retain your domain name and certain important elements, but together we can give your site a more dynamic and contemporary feeling.

Harness the power of social media
Réseaux sociaux

Customer loyalty is vital, but it does not have to be difficult to achieve!


Enhance your web presence using social media tools.


If you decide to work with me, I will design a complete strategy for

you that is perfectly suited to your personal or professional activities

and your strengths.


Social media is not just about creating a static page. Together

we will create and animate your networks, and I will guide you

through each stage and train you until you feel comfortable

in this environment.

concept de réseau social
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